Detonator 2-blade 100 Grain



Lowest possible In-Flight profile design for unmatched flight aerodynamics.
Two-blade with a 2″ cutting surface for a reliable large wound channel
SHOCK-LOK™ Technology system that will not prematurely deploy in flight
Superior blade material and design that won’t break off at high speeds
Surgically sharp blades for thick hide penetration
Innovative quick change practice blades to insure maximum accuracy
Secures quickly to a number of different types of hunting arrows.
Suitable for big game.
Fits to any 1″ arrow tube by simply screwing on for a tight fit.
Comes in package of three (3) with Three (3) practice blade sets


Construction: aluminum ferrule, Titanium tip and Stainless Steel Blades

Weight:                     100 gr.

Cut Diameter                 2.0”

# of Blades                 2 Blades

Blade Thickness            .035″


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