CrossPoint Archery Detonator™ 3-Blade 125 Grain




  • Lowest possible In-Flight profile design for unmatched flight aerodynamics.
  • Two-blade with a 2″ cutting surface for a reliable large wound channel
  • SHOCK-LOK™ Technology system that will not prematurely deploy in flight
  • Superior blade material and design that won’t break off at high speeds
  • Surgically sharp blades for thick hide penetration
  • Innovative quick change practice blades to insure maximum accuracy
  • Secures quickly to a number of different types of hunting arrows.
  • Suitable for big game.
  • Fits to any 1″ arrow tube by simply screwing on for a tight fit.
  • Comes in package of three (3) with Three (3) practice blade sets


Construction: aluminum ferrule, Stainless Steel Tip & Blades

Weight:                                     125 gr.

Cut Diameter                           2.0”

# of Blades                              3 Blades

Blade Thickness                        .035″


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