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CrossPoint Archery Detonator™ 2-Blade 100 Grain

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CrossPoint Archery Detonator™ 2-Blade 125 Grain


CrossPoint Archery Detonator™ 3-Blade 100 Grain


ALL CrossPoint Archery ® Detonator™ patented designs are the first to incorporate a principal and energy force that always takes place upon the firing of any type of bow or bow structure. This unique design uses the first pulse of energy to prime or "ARM" our device. In addition, our blades remain firmly tucked with our SHOC-LOK ™ patented technology which guarantees the most reliable “broad Spectrum” performance in the industry.

  • Lowest Possible In-Flight Profile for Unmatched Accuracy and Reliability
  • New Patented SHOCK-LOK™ Technology utilizes a Redundant Blade Retention System
    • Low Kinetic Energy Needed to Fully Deploy Blade Blades
    • Will Not Prematurely Open in Flight or While in Rest
    • Blades Will Deploy Effectively on High Angular Impact Conditions
    • No O-rings or Bands to Hold Blades in Set Position
    • Safer Blade Resetting
  • Reliable on the Lightest Traditional Bow to the Strongest Crossbow
  • Quick change practice blades
  • Effective with Light Weight Arrows & Light Draw Bows
  • Can Be Used in Any Quiver
  • Available in an assortment of grain configurations

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