Crafting Top-Quality BROADHEADS SINCE 2015



After 4½ years of product development, CrossPoint Archery is poised to release the new Detonator expandable broadhead in 2020.


Through extensive testing

with thorough intellectual property research of current expanding broadhead technology, we find there are no existing products or filed examples of what The CrossPoint Archery Detonator has proven to solve.

No prior or existing technology solves the problem of an expandable broadhead to "reliably" open and create a fully expanded wound channel merely upon "grams of contact" with the intended skin or hide on the "outside" of the prey.

All existing or prior products

rely on a fairly large force (measured in foot pounds) for any deployment to even begin taking place. While other products may make the claim of opening wounded channels on the exterior prior to penetration, the norm is that such Broadheads require a great deal of kinetic energy after the initial penetration to perform their function. The CrossPoint Archery Detonator, however, solves all of the issues previously encountered no matter what angle of contact and especially no matter what kinetic force is used.

The art of the CrossPoint Archery Detonator

is that it fully deploys and locks as a single integrated unit merely upon contact with the intended surface, especially when incorporating any number of blade or chisel point front profiles. With the CrossPoint Archery Detonator, mere grams of contact force will ensure full deployment and penetration no matter what strength bow.

Crosspoint Archery Detonator Design

are the first to incorporate a principal and energy force that always takes place upon the firing of any type of bow or bow structure. This unique design uses the first pulse of energy to prime or "arm" our device. In other words, CrossPoint Archery Detonator overcomes the main hurdle of all other products.

Using this two-stage principle, once our product is fired or released, the Broadhead is in such a "set" position that will then deploy with any contact on the "outside" of the intended prey. In addition, since we utilize the energy of the firing stroke that performs one purpose "arm the Detonator", our blades remain firmly tucked with a low-profile flight friendly profile for optimum accuracy.

Along with the regular embodiments of this unique design, the CrossPoint Archery Detonator does not depend on an oblique or mostly perpendicular impact to fully deploy, and the CrossPoint Archery Detonator design lends itself to alternate unique blade designs and sizes.

image 2


The CrossPoint Archery Detonator will be available in alternative blade designs and sizes that will meet all of the needs depending on the archers’ designed game.

We are confident that this patented design will improve your ability to successfully and humanely bring down your prey, without the fear of the product you use not fully deploying or operating as expected.

All of us at CrossPoint Archery thank you for your confidence in us, and we will continue to strive to provide you with the best products and support possible to enhance your hunting experience.

Good Hunting!

George & Brian
- Owners of CrossPoint Archery