Providing Specialized Broadheads for Game Hunters


The CrossPoint Archery ® Detonator™ patented designs are the first to incorporate a principal and energy force that always takes place upon the firing of any type of bow or bow structure.


This unique design

Uses the first pulse of energy to prime or "ARM" our device. In other words, CrossPoint Archery Detonator overcomes the main hurdle of all other products (pre-deployment upon firing or unreliable deployment of blades) The new SHOC-LOK™ patented technology takes advantage of the firing pulse to securely “LOCKDOWN” the blades into the body upon firing. After firing, the blades are ARMED to fully and reliably deploy upon the intended target with the lightest contact actuation of any product in the world of mechanical Broadheads.

These new patented engineering integrations guarantee the DETONATOR™ to have most reliable “Broad Spectrum” performance characteristics in the industry.

Available in multiple grain weights

Full 2 Inch Cutting Diameter