CrossPoint Archery™ Detonator™ patented designs are the first to incorporate a principal and energy force that always takes place upon the firing of any type of bow or bow structure. This unique design uses the first pulse of energy to prime or "ARM" our device. In other words, CrossPoint Archery Detonator overcomes the main hurdle of all other products. Using this two-stage principle, once our product is fired or released, the Broadhead is in such a "SET" position that will then deploy with any contact on the "outside" of the intended prey. In addition, since we utilize the energy of the firing stroke that performs one purpose "arm the Detonator", our blades remain firmly tucked with a low-profile flight friendly profile for optimum accuracy.

Along with the regular embodiments of this unique design, the CrossPoint Archery Detonator does not depend on an oblique or mostly perpendicular impact to fully deploy, and the CrossPoint Archery Detonator design lends itself to alternate unique blade designs and sizes. The art of the CrossPoint Archery Detonator is that it fully deploys and locks as a single integrated unit merely upon contact with the intended surface, especially when incorporating any number of blade or chisel point front profiles. With the CrossPoint Archery Detonator, mere grams of contact force will ensure full deployment and penetration no matter what strength bow.


  • Low Kinetic Energy Needed to Fully Deploy Blade
  • No O-rings or Bands to Hold Blades in Set Position
  • Effective with Light Weight Arrows & Light Draw Bows
  • Will Not Prematurely Open in Flight or While in Rest
  • Blades Will Deploy Effectively on High Angular Impact Conditions
  • Safer Blade Resetting
  • Can Be Used in Any Quiver
  • Available in 100 and 125 grain



To insure your bow is tuned in properly with the CrossPoint Detonator Broadhead, use the practice heads with your equipment prior to your hunt or actual use. Your CrossPoint Detonator Broadhead has three positions:



When storing your Detonator Broadhead in your Quiver and or during travel, make sure that the Detonator is in the "Load" position. When you are ready to use your Broadhead set the Detonator to the "Armed" position. To do this; carefully pull the front point away from the ferrule, until the green band is visible.


There is not a minimum speed requirement to open the blades on a CrossPoint Archery Broadhead; however to consistently produce efficient penetration, we recommend 35 to 45 ft/lbs. of kinetic energy when shooting any CrossPoint Archery Broadhead for deer-sized animals, and 45 to 65 ft/lbs. or more for larger game; see suggested chart below.

The opening of the CrossPoint Broadhead is only one factor in successfully penetrating your game. We are confident that our product will open reliably during each use; however you still need sufficient Kinetic (1) energy for the arrow to penetrate your game effectively.

(1) Kinetic) energy is the measurement of the force that is produced or changed when a mass is put into motion. For the purpose of archery, we measure kinetic energy in foot-pounds (ft/lbs.) To calculate the kinetic energy of your bow, use the following equation: (Arrow Weight in Grains)(Velocity)(Velocity) = ft/lbs.

Notice that speed or velocity is an important part of the kinetic energy equation, and the weight of the arrow is another important factor in the equation. Based on this there are many combinations of arrow weight and speed that will produce about the same value in foot-pounds. For instance, using the equation we can see that a 540-grain arrow shot at 220 FPS will produce 58.05 ft/lbs. and a 390-grain arrow shot at 260 FPS will produce 58.56 ft/lbs. Lastly, proper arrow flight is as important as kinetic energy. Your arrow MUST be flying perfectly straight with no whipping or proposing for max penetration. Practice often!



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